How To Compose Application Essay

We’re going to talk about what most students feel is the most stressful part of the application process which is the personal statement now why is the personal statement so important well here in the United States if you’re a Yuri mentioned briefly the college admissions committees look at the application process and look at the students in a holistic way so what does that mean they get hundreds if not thousands of students every year who have perfect GPAs perfect SAT scores but what they’re looking for is who the end of the build person really is the college’s want to create a diverse community and they want to know who is going to be a part of that community they want to know how the student is going to contribute not just to the college but ultimately to the world so they’re interested in scores but quite frankly you can get in perfect scores it’s not it’s not that it’s not enough it’s just it’s one part of the puzzle as I say so when they look at the application. Learn more about college admission essays onĀ Edusson.

What I always say to students is you have to look at it like a puzzle and each part of the application reveals a different part of who you are so the grades and scores are one part on the common application which you use for about 98% of these schools you also have space to talk about your extracurricular activities your hobby your interest for community service travel so that’s another part of the application what I like to say in approaching the personal statement and I will say that there are most of the schools especially the top schools have more than one essay but the personal statement is the essay that you send out to all the universities then each school will have additional essays that are particular to their school but tonight we’re going to focus on the personal statement so how do you approach it half the battle is prevent figuring out what to say so as I was saying you have these different parts of the application what you want to do with your essay is to try to find to try to reveal a part of yourself that you haven’t been able to reveal anywhere else.

So sometimes that means taking something you’ve mentioned in your extracurriculars or in you know your community service area and elaborating but sometimes just mentioning an interest there is enough and you want to reveal something that you haven’t had a chance to talk about so before I get into the specifics I just want to say see this year the common app personal statement questions have changed slightly but perhaps you’ve seen past questions there used to be five now there are seven and there’s even more leeway in terms of what you can write about so what I suggest is that you look at the six questions I say six because the seventh one in fact allows you to ask your own question which is to say if you don’t feel that any of the six questions address something you want to talk about they can do the freedom to ask your own so I suggest you look at the questions just to get a sense of what the colleges are looking for.