The Art Of Persuasion

In this presentation we’re going to start talking about persuasive writing and if you do not know what persuasive writing is or are not familiar with the word persuasive which is the adjective or persuasion the noun I’ll get into that in a moment just a word of introduction here though normally when we talk about persuasive writing teachers tend to approach this talking about persuasive essays longer pieces of writing that can be more fully developed and say just a paragraph however given that I’m doing this presentation for an audience of people who may be new to the English language and are really just beginning English language writers I’m going to scale it back and we’re going to talk first about persuasive paragraphs and later on we’ll talk about expanding those paragraphs into essays. Read more about persuasion on Edusson.

So let’s get going first of all let’s talk about what a persuasive paragraph is and more to the point what persuasion is a persuasive composition is one that tries to sway or persuade or another word is convince the reader to think the same way about the topic as he or she does so in other words the word persuasion or to persuade means to convince somebody to bring them around to your point of view and you know when you think about it if you go beyond just writing up we try to convince people or persuade people of our point of view every day if you don’t think so think about if you have children the last time you had to try to convince your child to do something he or she didn’t necessarily want to do or perhaps a spouse same kind of thing maybe there was an issue in your neighborhood and you wanted to convince your community leaders to do something like open a park or put up a stop sign in all likelihood what you had to do was persuade them to see your point of view.

The art of persuasion is not something that is just for writing it’s something that we do in everyday life and learning how to write a persuasive paragraph or a persuasive essay is going to be helpful to you in organizing any kind of effort you make involving persuasion so we know what a persuasive composition is now do persuasive compositions have to be totally informative and be as deep deep as say a descriptive or a classification type essay and informing you about the nature of what you’re writing about no the main thing for a persuasive composition is you want to convince somebody to come around to your point of view that’s your primary goal in writing this also don’t think that persuasive writing has to involve just big earth-shaking topics it can very often we see persuasive writing on controversial topics like abortion education a whole range of social issues but we can also write persuasive compositions about involving light casual topics what’s better potato chips or tortilla chips what’s a better television show this show or that show and on and on.

Examining the Essay Question

First thing you do obviously is look at the question my cheese is quite good in that he gives us this this sauce booklet thing which has each of the questions for each week and so for this week it’s what functions does book have within the poem and this is a book of be Aeneid which is what we’re studying this term but it’s quite good that he gives us the booklet at the beginning because it means that I already knew I have this like three weeks ago and so I’ve been like anticipating this and I kind of just have it in the back of my mind I have all of them in the back of my mind just so that it’s not like it’s an unexpected question it’s just something that I’ve been thinking about for the past three weeks the first step by Kate is obviously read the question and just go through and read through.

I mean this week it’s not that much in terms of the task other contrast this is the essay I had for week one there’s the question here but then there’s also this all these kinds of extra things that stuff you could think about so this is the reading but this this is like a paragraph of like some suggestions of things that you could look out similarly a week to this is our on Dido this is the reading here that this is like the question and some like different quotations and things that we could think about so the first thing I do is go through that this week it’s just this little paragraph here so first I’ll go through read that make sure I understand exactly what I have to do okay so as you can see I’ve just gone through and read that first paragraph and made some neater notes on it.

So I underlined some stars and they do impossible things I could talk about so like literary models or the c for the circle models were creatures and just suggest some notes just first first thoughts upon reading that little paragraph of like questions you might want to consider within the overall question so now I mean look at the reading and this is the sort of microchip this is the secondary reading and the stars mainly to keep key works but I try and have a look at all of them if I can so why do now I go through and I basically try and find out where each of these works and I’m you know Oxford also is really good in that and you will be able to find a copy of these in some form or another in Oxford like you it’s not like you will ever be in the situation we you can’t find them or it’s like incredibly rare that that will happen so this here is solo which is search Oxford libraries online and this is basically just like the big catalog of all the Oxford libraries and there are a lot of books and libraries so that you can type in the book and you’ll be able to find out what libraries is available.

Specific Ways Treatment Helps

Defining Future Goals and Directions

Before entering Gambling Addiction treatment, compulsive gamblers generally see the future in very short-term ways: When can I gamble again or, how will I get the money to do it? Spouses and family members may move from crisis to crisis and be unable to plan for the future or consider their own needs. Gambling recovery involves changing attitudes and behaviors; it also requires developing an honest understanding of who one is and where one wants to go. Having a purpose and a plan assists in abstaining from gambling and regaining control of one’s life. The planning process is an important cornerstone for the work the client and therapist undertake.

Stopping Gambling

Perhaps the most important way treatment helps problem gamblers is by giving them the support and tools needed to stop gambling. Stopping can be a complex process that involves the tasks listed below plus a few more, such as coping with urges, eliminating financial pressures, and dealing with gambling triggers.

Protecting Family Members from Financial Consequences

Family members are impacted in many ways including damage to financial security and increased money pressures. Spouses and other family members can learn how to manage current financial consequences, prevent the accumulation of new debt, work toward financial stability.

Learning to Manage Stress

Problem gamblers and the people who care about them struggle with many sources of stress. Stress can lead to feelings of anxiety, sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness. Treatment helps them recognize the causes of stress and develop ways to reduce and cope with them.

Adjusting to Life without Gambling

Most people who seek help with gambling problems will try to remove gambling from their lives. For the gambler, this often means developing new interests and letting go of some old ones. For both the gambler and family members, therapy can be helpful in adjusting to a more healthful lifestyle and finding enjoyment through recovery.

Developing New Ways of Thinking

Living with problem gambling often leads to unhealthful ways of thinking. One purpose of treatment is to help gamblers and family members become more thoughtful about what they do and how they do it. Therapy is an opportunity to think carefully about your actions, choices, and options.

Creating Healthy Relationships

Problem gambling profoundly affects social and family relationships. As gambling becomes more of a priority, significant relationships receive less positive attention. Deception, breaches of trust, and financial problems may all damage relationships. When a person stops gambling, it is possible to renew caring and trust, even though those closest to the gambler may be angry and distrustful. Therapy can help gamblers and their families rebuild relationships and make them better.

Recognizing and Dealing with Feelings

Gambling replaces emotions or serves as an escape from them. Therapy can help clients deal constructively with feelings, especially in early recovery when negative emotions seem overwhelming. It can help clients learn to identify how they feel, why they feel that way, and what they can do about it. The capacity to identify and use feelings constructively not only helps clients reduce the power gambling has over their lives but also helps them enhance the quality of life and relationships.


7 Ultimate Online Typing Lessons Services For Beginners

In this age of technology and increased focus on computer use, one of the most crucial skills is the ability to comfortably using a computer. One must not be an expert but a basic understanding of computers is an important skill in any potential career. This brings a need to be able to type effectively and accurately.

However, we cannot dispute the fact that sitting posture is crucial for your overall health and typing proficiency. Right typing posture basically means that you are in a posture that you are comfortable with. For beginners, typing accordingly and maintaining the right typing posture can be a daunting task. This is why there are numerous sites offering online typing lessons to help them acquire necessary typing skills.

How to maintain proper typing posture

Get a proper chair

Typing chair should be adjustable. This will help you adjust it to an appropriate height for your legs to rest on 90 degrees on the ground. This will help in straightening your back and give you enough lumber support.

Proper distance from the keyboard

Avoid sitting far away from the keyboard as you might not reach the keys above the home row and if you place it closely, hitting keys below home row will be hard. Both positions can force you to sit uncomfortably and affect your typing speed. Your hands should be maintained at the neutral and approximately straight position.

Keep feet at 90 degrees on the ground

This will balance your body enhancing your typing ability. Hanging legs can cause injury to your spine.

Sitting upright

This will provide balance and you will be able to type faster. By sitting upright with eyes fixed on the screen you will keep your spine comfortable and your typing effectiveness will be improved.

Position your wrists accordingly

You should avoid raising your wrists a lot so you don’t curve them. Maintaining proper positioning reduces fatigue in your arms. On the other hand, your wrists should not lie on the keyboard as this will affect your typing speed and accuracy. Keep them in a neutral position.

Keep your elbows in

With elbows close to your sides your fingers will hardly come off home row. This is because if your fingers loose sense of home raw it will be hard to detect other keys.

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Job Hunting Tips During the Holiday Season

For many people still looking for work, it is hard to find many reasons to be jolly during the holidays. However, feeling sorry for yourself is the worst thing you can do. In fact, you should be more determined to look for work. Here are some important job-hunting tips during the holiday season:


Keep on going – Never lose your focus. The holiday season may have many distractions, but you should look for career opportunities every day. This will help increase your chances in finding work when other applicants decide to take a break. Know what your skills are and what your long-term career goals are and use them as the foundation of your job-hunt.


Refrain from unnecessary gimmicks – When job-hunting during the holidays, some applicants give cookies or other small Christmas items along with their cover letters and resumes. As kind a gesture as this might be, it also makes you look desperate. Employers prefer confident and competent applicants. Always give the impression that you are perfect for the job.


Use the time to network – Holiday parties and year-end events aren’t only for having a good time, catching up with friends or meeting new people. It’s also a good time for networking. Holidays make it easier to contact people since everyone is usually more open for socializing.


Use the “off-hours” technique – As the holiday season approaches, people in the office tend to prepare for year-end company events during their work hours, making it more difficult to contact hiring managers or recruiters. Some job hunting tips suggest calling during off-hours to increase the chances of successfully reaching them. Try calling before the start of the working day, or just after 5pm.


Thriving Jobs during the Holidays


For many people, the holiday season is a time for spending. But for some, the holiday season is a time for huge earnings. Some may call these jobs “holiday season jobs” or “holiday oriented jobs” due to the seasonal spike of revenue every time the holidays arrive. Here are some of the top jobs that thrive during the holidays.


Caterers – This is one of the more obvious “holiday-oriented jobs” since the holiday season is usually the time for eating happily with friends and family. Most caterers charge $15 to $40 per head, plus delivery charges. Some catering businesses reach up to 800 meals during Thanksgiving.


Dentist – Trick or treat? Large quantities of candy bars, chewing gum and other sweet treats usually mean that more children visit the dentist at that time of the year. In fact, dentists report a significant surge of cavities, chipped or cracked teeth and other dental issues during Halloween. Independent dental practitioners usually enjoy the highest salaries, ranging from $205,960 for general practitioners to $353,280 for specialists.


Snowplow Drivers – Of course, snow can be an issue during winter season. As a result, snowplow drivers can earn as much as $1,000 a day during this period.


Debt Counselors – After the holiday spending spree, some people end up with quite a bit of debt. As a result, demand for debt counselors spike shortly after the holiday season. Credit counselors usually benefit from a 40% increase of clients come January.


Gym Owners/Personal Trainers – Gaining weight is the usual trend during the holiday season. More people end up visiting the gym to get back in shape come January. The trend continues all the way until the spring and summer breaks, when people are desperate to fit back into their swimsuits.