Examining the Essay Question

First thing you do obviously is look at the question my cheese is quite good in that he gives us this this sauce booklet thing which has each of the questions for each week and so for this week it’s what functions does book have within the poem and this is a book of be Aeneid which is what we’re studying this term but it’s quite good that he gives us the booklet at the beginning because it means that I already knew I have this like three weeks ago and so I’ve been like anticipating this and I kind of just have it in the back of my mind I have all of them in the back of my mind just so that it’s not like it’s an unexpected question it’s just something that I’ve been thinking about for the past three weeks the first step by Kate is obviously read the question and just go through and read through.

I mean this week it’s not that much in terms of the task other contrast this is the essay I had for week one there’s the question here but then there’s also this all these kinds of extra things that stuff you could think about so this is the reading but this this is like a paragraph of like some suggestions of things that you could look out similarly a week to this is our on Dido this is the reading here that this is like the question and some like different quotations and things that we could think about so the first thing I do is go through that this week it’s just this little paragraph here so first I’ll go through read that make sure I understand exactly what I have to do okay so as you can see I’ve just gone through and read that first paragraph and made some neater notes on it.

So I underlined some stars and they do impossible things I could talk about so like literary models or the c for the circle models were creatures and just suggest some notes just first first thoughts upon reading that little paragraph of like questions you might want to consider within the overall question so now I mean look at the reading and this is the sort of microchip this is the secondary reading and the stars mainly to keep key works but I try and have a look at all of them if I can so why do now I go through and I basically try and find out where each of these works and I’m you know Oxford also is really good in that and you will be able to find a copy of these in some form or another in Oxford like you it’s not like you will ever be in the situation we you can’t find them or it’s like incredibly rare that that will happen so this here is solo which is search Oxford libraries online and this is basically just like the big catalog of all the Oxford libraries and there are a lot of books and libraries so that you can type in the book and you’ll be able to find out what libraries is available.