The Art Of Persuasion

In this presentation we’re going to start talking about persuasive writing and if you do not know what persuasive writing is or are not familiar with the word persuasive which is the adjective or persuasion the noun I’ll get into that in a moment just a word of introduction here though normally when we talk about persuasive writing teachers tend to approach this talking about persuasive essays longer pieces of writing that can be more fully developed and say just a paragraph however given that I’m doing this presentation for an audience of people who may be new to the English language and are really just beginning English language writers I’m going to scale it back and we’re going to talk first about persuasive paragraphs and later on we’ll talk about expanding those paragraphs into essays. Read more about persuasion onĀ Edusson.

So let’s get going first of all let’s talk about what a persuasive paragraph is and more to the point what persuasion is a persuasive composition is one that tries to sway or persuade or another word is convince the reader to think the same way about the topic as he or she does so in other words the word persuasion or to persuade means to convince somebody to bring them around to your point of view and you know when you think about it if you go beyond just writing up we try to convince people or persuade people of our point of view every day if you don’t think so think about if you have children the last time you had to try to convince your child to do something he or she didn’t necessarily want to do or perhaps a spouse same kind of thing maybe there was an issue in your neighborhood and you wanted to convince your community leaders to do something like open a park or put up a stop sign in all likelihood what you had to do was persuade them to see your point of view.

The art of persuasion is not something that is just for writing it’s something that we do in everyday life and learning how to write a persuasive paragraph or a persuasive essay is going to be helpful to you in organizing any kind of effort you make involving persuasion so we know what a persuasive composition is now do persuasive compositions have to be totally informative and be as deep deep as say a descriptive or a classification type essay and informing you about the nature of what you’re writing about no the main thing for a persuasive composition is you want to convince somebody to come around to your point of view that’s your primary goal in writing this also don’t think that persuasive writing has to involve just big earth-shaking topics it can very often we see persuasive writing on controversial topics like abortion education a whole range of social issues but we can also write persuasive compositions about involving light casual topics what’s better potato chips or tortilla chips what’s a better television show this show or that show and on and on.